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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make an airport transfer reservation?

To make a reservation, you need to fill in and confirm the reservation form on our website. You can contact the Whatsaap Line for a quick reservation.

How can I find you at the airport?

Our officer will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on the exit door. After getting your luggage, exit the terminal exit door and find Transfer Time personnel and introduce yourself.

Will I pay another fee than the specified fee?

No, you will not pay more than what you are told on our website or by phone.

Do you have a child seat in your Airport Transfer Cars?

During reservation, 1 child seat is available in the cars free of charge. The 2nd child seat will be reflected in the price for an extra fee.

Are your vehicles air conditioned?

Yes, all our vehicles are air-conditioned.

How long does Belek Transfer from Antalya Airport take?

Transfer from Antalya airport takes 45 minutes on average. This period varies between plus and minus 10 minutes according to the distance of the hotel to the airport. The distance between Belek center Antalya airport is 42 km.

How many hours does Antalya Airport Alanya Transfer take?

Alanya Airport is 135 Km at Antalya Airport. Antalya Airport Alanya takes 2 hours on average. It extends up to 2.5 hours depending on the traffic density. In this regard, we recommend that passengers with requests for Alanya Antalya Airport Transfer start to travel 4 hours before the flight, especially during the summer months.

Can I make a last minute reservation?

Yes, you can book in any case. If your transfer is to be made within 1 hour, please call us to let us know immediately after making an online reservation.

How can I book when my destination is a house or a summerhouse?

If you want to go to the cottage or a house, select the region to be visited from the reservation section and specify the address you want to visit in detail in your reservation.

Can anyone else travel in the vehicle I have booked?

Our transfers are personal. Once you make a reservation, this vehicle will be reserved for you or your group only.

I cannot find my hotel on the list, how can I specify the hotel I will go to?

If your hotel name is not listed on our website or you could not find it, you can send us your call on our Whatsaap contact number (+905309731010). We will quote the best price for your reservation and get back to you.

How will the driver know that I am the right passenger?

Your driver will ask you to show him a copy of the booking voucher. You can show it on your mobile phone or tablet or give it a hard copy.


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